Our Mission

Global Chemical Minds (GCM) aims to not only educate people on the importance and sustainability of various processes that make our lives easier to live, but also provide people with the opportunity to connect and discuss ways of potentially mitigating global crises using our knowledge and understanding of chemistry.

Attacking These Issues

A major component of actually tackling these problems is taking action. With GCM, members will be able to listen and present topics they find interesting in weekly group meetings. In addition to presenting the problem, they will be able to provide their knowledge of chemistry along with related research on how we could potentially address this issue.

Inspiration For GCM

Many individuals from our cohort in the Chemistry & Chemical Biology programs had a desire and passion to apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom and laboratories to real-life situations. Furthermore, many of our members have been inspired by the likes of David Suzuki and Bill Nye the Science Guy to take action now! The group allows for members to actively participate in group planning and execution of projects to exercise their critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills.

Sustainable Chemistry

The Sustainable Chemistry Bachelor of Applied Science program at McMaster University is the first of its kind in Canada. Moreover, our student-led initiative has been recognized by the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology. Check out our segment in the most recent newsletter.