Current Projects

Plastic Water Bottles

A major global issue that is heavily influencing our land and oceans is the consumption of plastic bottles. These bottles end up in the wrong bin and end up stockpiling in landfills, littered in parks and recreational areas, or they collect in our oceans - the Pacific Garbage Patch being an infamous example of this. One of our current projects investigates how we can synthesize an alternative bio-based adhesive to replace the current non-sustainable adhesives used.


Understanding what problems are happening, and how we can address and deal with these problems is the basis for sustainability. By informing others how our daily actions directly impact the environment is crucial in making a change on the communal, national, and global scale. Our group will educate others in the community about upcoming topics in sustainability, environmental issues, and green-chemistry through social media awareness, as well as student-run lectures to high school and undergraduate students.