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Synthesis and Characterization of Polyurethane Networks Derived from Soybean-Oil-Based Cyclic Carbonates and Bioderivable Diamines

Journal Article

  • Soybean oil, which is produced in the tens of millions of metric tons every year, has recently proven to be a valuable, sustainable, and cheap, bio-based starting material.

  • In recent work (2016) has further demonstrated the utility and simplicity of this starting material.

Dissolving used automotive tires

Journal Article

  • An ever-growing issue in society is, "What do we do with our tires once we are done with them?". The revolutionary process used to make these tires, vulcanization, does wonders for creating strong, durable tires that last forever. The only problem is that the tires are strong and durable. Meaning that when it comes time to disposing of them they have no where to go - except in large tire stockpiles. Not only is this a huge waste of space, but is also an extreme fire and environmental hazard.

  • Recent work from the Brook Research Group at McMaster University has developed a new technique that could help mitigate this tire-recycling issue.