Sustainable Chemistry Program

Check out Global Chemical Minds (GCM) in the most recent newsletter for the new Honours Sustainable Chemistry Program at McMaster University, which is the first in Canada.

GCM Garbage Pick-up - Week #03

Visiting Sassafras Point and the western border of McMaster Campus, just over 10 lbs of garbage including food containers, fast food and plastic bags were successfully collected from the environment

New Business Cards!!

GCM has new business cards to help spread awareness and get our name out there!

GCM Garbage Pick-up - Week #02

Diving into the western part of the Ginger Trails, as well as the northern part of McMaster campus, again over 20 lbs of garbage including old construction tape, plastic gloves, and food containers were collected from the environment!

GCM Garbage Pick-up - Week #01

After visiting the Ginger and Chegwin trails, over 20 lbs of garbage including coffee cups, beer cans, and glass bottles were collected.

Getting Started

With a generous donation of various chemistry lab equipment including glassware, stir plates, and PPE, GCM is ready to start tackling these major global issues using our knowledge and understanding of chemistry and sustainability.

GCM's First Projects

After carefully considering the many issues that plague our environment, our group has decided to pursue two major projects for the 2021 year; increasing the recyclability of plastic water bottles, and mitigating the serious tick problem in Ontario