Who Are We?

Global Chemical Mind (GCM) Founders

Griffin LaChapelle

There were many events in recent years that made me heavily consider the importance of sustainability and green-chemistry. For starters, I was fortunate enough to attend a talk given by the notorious David Suzuki at the Burlington Green Conference in 2018, as well as being able to meet Bill Nye during a lecture he gave at McMaster University in 2020. Both of which, emphasized the importance of sustainability and taking action now. Furthermore, it is important to educate as many people as possible on the consequences of what can happen if we proceed with our current practices. Secondly, working as a research assistant at McMaster University, it became readily apparent that every step we take during a chemical reaction needs to be carefully considered; "Are my actions contributing to sustainability?", "How can I make this process more green?", and "Are my actions benefiting society and the environment?", are all questions that need to be considered. Altogether, I hope this project will be able to educate others as to why we need to make changes now — before the damages of our actions become irreversible.

Christina McCabe

Having a passion for the chemical sciences and clever acronyms, being a part of GCM was an obvious choice.

Issues of accessibility and sustainability are ever present not only close to home but across the globe.

At GCM we hope to tackle a variety of problems from an interdisciplinary approach that considers not only the chemistry of the issues but also the communities which they affect.

As chemists it’s our responsibility to utilize our knowledge to aid in solving and improving upon the issues people face around the world.

Malaika Hussain

GCM is a very personal cause to myself. Growing up, my family and I lived in areas with limited access to energy and clean drinking water. While we are fortunate enough to have changed our circumstances, there are still many communities enduring these struggles. This is what sparked my passion for chemistry. As a young aspiring chemist, the plan was to always use the wonders of natural sciences to provide innovative, and cost effective solutions to such communities. However, despite my amazing education and skills building as a student, a creative space to apply my knowledge and test ideas was missing. This is why GCM began. To bring together those who share a love for chemistry and want to make a positive impact on the world.

Global Chemical Mind (GCM) Members

Saleh Ibrahim

The chemical industry is uniquely multi-faceted with influence across a wide range of sectors from food security, textiles, plastics, packaging and so on. It is very easy to live our lives without acknowledging the after effects of products beyond their use. Goods are designed to be of the best quality or most durable, and post-consumption is easily neglected in the design process. Seeing photos of land and seascapes polluted with our inventions or hearing of inaccessibility to resources in parts of the world is quite saddening news. Rather than taking the approach of establishing policy and regulations to face these issues, I believe exploring a chemical disposition can arguably make the solutions more feasible and facile. Breaking down problems at the molecular level will leave no stone unturned. At GCM I hope to show that solutions are possible and that these efforts have widespread impact to daily lives.

Ethan Wilson

The world of science is wasteful.

My first step in its territory was on the R&D side, where it quickly became apparent that this is true.

I hope to do my part in curbing the issue of waste management and its production by exploring more sustainable green alternatives.

Kevina Chavda

As a student in Chemical Biology, I’m lucky to have found a field that I enjoy learning about, along with peers that hold that same passion. It’s through these same colleagues that I’ve begun to have a greater understanding of the importance of sustainability and green chemistry in today’s world. Additionally, how we can work together to drive actions to support this shift in mindset. Overall, I’m excited to work with the group to actively listen and learn about this global issue, but also contribute to educating others!

Grace Yao

My entire life, I have been frustrated by global and societal problems that need faster, better, and more creative solutions. Of course, my entire life, I have never been able to offer any of these solutions.

I am currently a student at McMaster University pursuing an Honours BSc. in Chemical Biology, with an Interdisciplinary Minor in Social Justice and Inclusive Communities. This multifaceted education has given me a deeper understanding of environmental justice and further inspired my drive to help create a sustainable future.

Collaborating with such a passionate & intelligent team of individuals at GCM, I finally feel as though we have the tools to create something meaningful right now.

Joseph Dejaegher

Hello! My name is Joseph Dejaegher and I am currently a 4th year Honours Chemistry student at McMaster. I am thrilled to be a part of GCM and take on big issues concerning the environment through a chemistry lens. I have keen interests in inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and mathematics which I hope apply to the group as well as in my career. I also have a passion for thinking logically and critically which I feel is imperative when working on any project. I hope to make an impact in environmental justice and make the world a healthier place. Thank you for reading!

Ghaith Srayeddin